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Route 91 Harvest Festival 10.1.17

Hey There

Growing up in Bend, I always knew I was destined for bigger things. After pursuing education and work opportunities outside of the area, I realized that my true calling was right here at home. While I was busy being a parent, I got immersed in event life and began DJing weddings, dances, and non-profit events with Flip Flop Sounds.  I love people and music, so it fit for quite a while until I discovered my passion for real estate.  Whether it's finding their dream home or being a piece of their dream wedding, I'm confident in my ability to make magic happen. I then stepped into a coaching position and lead a team of cheerleaders at MVHS and out of this, the 'cheerful realtor' was born.  During this time, I went to a country concert in Las Vegas, Route 91, which ended up being the largest mass shooting in US history. In healing from that trauma, I started painting again, but this time my canvases were pieces of furniture. Now with 7 years of refinishing furniture, I set out to mesh all of my skills into one brand, Cheerful. I get to create, transform spaces, help people find properties and provide unique designs, furniture rentals and genuine service; helping people navigate life's biggest milestones. This is what fuels me, sparks my mind, lifts my soul, keeps me young, creative and, well, cheerful at heart.





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