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We have

Outdoor wedding vintage couch rental
modern business furnishing and design

Whether you are staging a seating area for a private event, photoshoot, corporate meeting area or a lush lounge for wedding guests, we have an arrangement of rental options for easy booking! Below are example rental pairings, along with available inventory. We are centered around providing a personalized event rental setting to clients. By having a design consultation, we can gather information about your needs and preferences, and create a customized design that fits your vibe and budget. This is a great way to offer a truly unique experience to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. We have your Bend Oregon furniture rentals.

Inspiration inventory

Concrete Wall

Q & A:

Why don't you just have some packages to choose?

What if you don't have what I'm looking for in stock?

Why aren't there any prices on your rental items?

I don't have "packages" because I believe in tailoring my furniture to the customer's needs and tastes because I want to provide a personalized and unique experience that truly meets their expectations. It is truly customized to reflect their visions.

Then I go find it!  If you have something in mind, we work together to set the design according to your needs and then I source what it is you're needing. With keyword descriptors and/or pictures, I can track down the pieces we need to complete the vision.

Because there are too many variables such as when you need them, for how long, how big of a setting and travel time for delivery. Sometimes there's needs for a longer term rental or home staging and possible discounts from referrals, bulk and season. Please use the quote inquiry form below to receive further information.

Style. Get Inspired.


Antique Victorian


Minimalistic & Boho

Moody & Sultry

Chic & Rustic

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